School project on the smallest lizard in Croatia presented at the Balkan Herpetology Symposium

IMG_5027As part of the Croatian Biological Congress in Poreč, a Balkan Herpetology Symposium was held where students of the Catholic High School presented the project “How to Preserve the Smallest Lizard in Croatia”, which they produced in collaboration with the Papuk Nature Park and the Croatian Herpetological Society – HYLA.

The school is invited to present its work to well-known Croatian scientists as well as those from the surrounding area. The school was first presented by Danijel Barišić, a 3rd grade student, and the project is now experienced by Mario Janković. Moderator of the whole program, renowned herpetologist Dr. Sc. In the presentation of the lecturer, Dusan Jelic praised the work and performance of our students and added that there is a future for the Croatian education system when such projects are made and presented in this way by high school students. It should be noted that in addition to the names mentioned, Marta Paponja and Teodor Sakoman participated in the preparation of the presentation. Within the Croatian Biological Congress, over 50 different presentations from 15 different countries were held.

The Project outlined the writing on utilizing microcomputers in standard composition guidance, qualities of learning handicapped students, composing guidance ff^r learning debilitated students, and composing related profession and professional alternatives for learning incapacitated students The commented on book index, just as papers portraying the members and strategies of the Project were displayed at gatherings, distributed in diaries, and announced as accessible at expense.

While Project staff considered the exploration writing in the plan of the writing educational program, the real focuses were described in the top article at that point incorporated into the current College creation educational program except for access to word preparing More than 3000 students were educated regarding the Project, 21 learning crippled students took part in the three segments of story arrangement and three areas of informative piece offered Winter and Spring quarters individually.

The two-hour preparing being used of microcomputer and word handling programming seems, by all accounts, to be essential and adequate to get ready students for the course The students held positive feelings about the course and their teachers, thought they aced the course substance, and felt that the microcomputers made composition simpler and increasingly fun.

The students IMG_5021also had the opportunity to see the scientific research posters from Croatia and the surrounding area, as well as the ways in which they were presented and debated. They had the opportunity to briefly listen to a plenary lecture by prof. Igor Stagljar, who together with prof. Ivan Đikić, Ph.D. from the University of Frankfurt, has discovered joint work to treat several human tumors.


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